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Our Services

ENS is respected for being a full service partner and a responsible point of contact for all aspects of a digital signage rollout. Digital sign rollouts include many moving parts - everything from software and hardware through to graphic design and interactive content creation. Our clients are successful businesses; they value being able to delegate to ENS to ensure a successful deployment. They also value our ongoing services which ensure their digital signs continue to operate successfully long after the initial install.

Another phrase we hear often is - "one throat to choke" - a truism for describing why customers choose ENS over the alternative of having to contact separate companies to manage hardware, software, installation, training, content creation, etc...


Web & Graphic Design:

This site contains examples of our design work:



Ongoing Training:

This site contains training videos:



Network Monitoring:

Screenshots of our network monitoring system will be available shortly.



Trouble Ticket Tracking:

We have a system we call "Rocket", custom built to manage large digital signage rollout. Some screenshots will be showing in this pane shortly.



Standard Operating Procedures:

You have quick-serve restaurants across the mid-West. There was an electrical storm last night; anything electrical needs resetting. What do you do?

ENS builds policies and procedures to make things simple. Examples coming online shortly.



Hardware Maintenance:

This part of the website will be completed shortly, showing how we track and manage the RMA (return to manufacturer) and warranty procedures. It helps you save money when you are managing a large deployment.



Advertiser Management:

We will be publishing some "how-to" documents shortly with case examples of how our clients have successfully negotiated with their suppliers and other advertisers.